The famous artist



Wahlbeck is one of Sweden’s most famous actors and stand up comedians who are often seen in national TV shows. In addition to Wahlbeck’s own TV programs, he has also had his own radio program that has been broadcast nationally for many years. In parallel with comedy and acting, Peter Wahlbeck has worked as an artist for over 30 years.

Why are you passionate about art Peter?
– I am passionate about making people happy, making them laugh and discovering things. What I want with my art is that people should be curious. Sometimes you hear people say, “I don’t understand art”. I respond a little jokingly: “What are you supposed to understand, it does not represent anything!?

Furthermore, Peter says:

When you visit people in their homes or stay in public spaces, you immediately notice which relationship the person or company has to reality. Furthermore, what taste they have by considering the choice of pictures and art on the wall. What you have on the wall in your everyday life tells a lot about which person you are. Whatever house you build and which expensive furniture you buy – is the art the most important thing I think. I make art for both castles and huts. With a family of five children, I am used to pairing different personalities. “It gives a great everyday mix!” Whoever you are as a person, the probability is great that I will love to meet you, only you are fun and curious.

Welcome to take a turn within Wahlbeck Art showroom and studio